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Our online resume books are sold with a single user license by default. If you expect to have colleagues who want to access the database(s), purchase a resume book for each of them so you do not run into access problems. Strong data security practices require that each individual use their own login to access our online resume books for each of our partner schools. Each user is required to use a single, valid email address. Each user will be authorized to access each resume book from two devices using a system-generated user "key". If you have multiple members of your team that need access to each database make sure you purchase a resume book for each user.


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Note: The charges associated with each resume database are for the use of the MBA Focus technology. All resume database orders are subject to school approval. School approvals can take up to 48 hours. Access to the graduating class of 2015 second-year MBA student resume databases will expire August 1, 2015. Access to the first-year class of 2016 MBA intern resume databases will expire July 1, 2015. Access to MBA alumni/experienced hire resume databases will expire 1 year after school approval.