For two decades, the MBA Focus team has provided advanced recruitment technology to the world’s top-ranked graduate business schools.

These schools count on us for their on-line resume books, job boards and office automation needs. In partnership with them, we have created a single network for employers to access elite MBA students and alumni. We have a clear mission at MBA Focus. We are dedicated to elevating the recruiting of top MBA talent through providing state-of-the-art services and products, based in advanced technologies and best practices, for leading MBA schools and the companies that employ their students and alumni.

We are proud to connect today's business leaders with tomorrow's, providing an ever-expanding range of opportunities through our:


School Partnerships & Professional Associations

Comprised of the world’s top graduate business schools and professional associations, we have created an exclusive network of business leadership talent, spreading across 4 continents. These programs count on us for their online resume books, job boards, OCR tools, and office automation needs in order to increase the visibility of their candidates, while providing their students and alumni with more diverse and quality career opportunities.


Corporate Partnerships & Global Recruiters

Recruiters around the world gain access to our exclusive school network to quickly and cost-effectively identify and attract top business leadership talent. Our advanced recruitment technology solutions mean better control of the recruiting process, and ensure that corporate recruiters never again miss high-potential and high-performing talent.