Global Talent System

Career Service Software Designed Exclusively for Graduate Business Schools.

Designed and built specifically for graduate business schools,
Global Talent System (GTS®) is the only solution with a promise
to deliver more of what’s important to you and your career
management center. Our best-in-class customer service team is
an extension of your office, proven to help schools of every size
increase their students visibility and create more diverse MBA
career opportunities.

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With Global Talent System (GTS®) you will:

Save Time and Money

GTS is the most effective and cost-efficient career management office (CMO) system available. Why settle for an inflexible, off-the-shelf option? With MBA Focus you benefit from a highly flexible solution, over twenty years in the making. GTS maps to the business processes of career management offices. GTS offers you:

  • A single, fully integrated platform to handle all of your office needs.
  • Self-serve employer interface.
  • Reduce calender conflicts using the innovative auto-scheduler.
  • One-click employment reporting.
  • Easy 8-week implementation process with on-demand videos and hands-on training.
  • COMING SOON! Attendance tracking through swipe card technology.

Improve Employment Outcomes

Our exclusive relationships with the b-schools, as well as our 20-years of industry experience, make us the "go to" resource for talent acquisition and recruitment management. With MBA Focus, you can connect your students to more diverse and high-quality employment opportunities.

  • 80,000 candidate searches and MBA job postings annually.
  • Promoted to 75,000 recruiters at 40,000 companies each season.
  • Our marketing & sales team is an extension of your employer relations team.
  • MBA Focus is an advocate for MBAs as future business leaders.
  • COMING SOON! Job application approval process for admins.

Increase Candidate Engagement

GTS is proven to help career service centers connect and engage with their job-seeking students and alumni.  The software comes standard with web and mobile applications that give your candidates access to all their career services anywhere, anytime.  With MBA Focus, you not only get software, but access to an experienced team of individuals with 20+ years of knowledge and best practices for connecting with each new class of candidates.

  • Easy 1,2,3 registration process.
  • Customizable school dashboard.
  • Manage all career service activities in single, simple-to-use platform.
  • Outreach Guide includes tips for connecting with students and alumni.
  • GTS mobile app for on-the-go management.
  • Salary comparison tool.
  • NEW! Commuication preferences for candidates.

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“The integration between the MBA Focus school & employer products has been a great benefit to us. Four of our students received offers from Apple, without participating in on-campus recruiting. In addition, our partnership with MBA Focus helped three of our students land interviews with McKinsey.”

- Tom Kozicki - Executive Director – UC Irvine, Merage


Did you know?

MBA Focus helped its partner schools place nearly 25,000 MBA students in high quality jobs last year.



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