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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of candidates will you find at MBA Focus?

The candidates at MBA Focus are highly-qualified and high-performing MBA students and alumni from top-ranked global graduate business schools. These candidates are submitted to an extensive approval process at each school before becoming available in the MBA Focus database. MBA Focus is the only place in the world you can connect with the world’s best MBA talent.

Where do the candidates register for MBA Focus?

Current MBA students and alumni sign up directly through their school’s career service office and/or website.

Can anyone use the services offered by MBA Focus?

No. MBA Focus products and services are only for those MBA students and alumni from the elite business schools around the world and the companies who employ those business leaders. All resume book orders and job postings are submitted to the schools for approval.

How do I check the status of my order?

To check the status of your account, log in to and click the "My Account" link above.

Why am I getting an error when ordering?

The error could be a result of an existing issue between American Express and PayPal. Even if you are not using an AMEX credit card, forward the error to to have the issue quickly resolved.

Why am I receiving a "15005 – Gateway decline" error when paying?

It appears that your credit card is being declined by the issuer, not PayPal or our system. This is the error message we are getting: "15005 – Gateway decline: Your card issuer, not PayPal, declined the transaction. Ask your buyer for another card."

We typically see this when you are attempting to use a corporate credit card that PayPal has been blocked on (companies often do this to keep employees from charging stuff from internet stores (i.e. eBay) on their corporate account).

If you don't have another card to try, we suggest contacting your credit card company yourself to try and remove the block and make sure there are no other limits you are unaware of – otherwise, you may need to wire money or send us a check via mail.

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