Diversity Recruiting

Crack the code on diversity leadership recruiting.

Today's leading companies are trying to find and hire more diverse leadership, but minorities are falling out of the leadership pipeline at a far greater rate than their non-minority peers.

With Global Focus®, companies can identify diversity candidates, while improving the overall quality of each diversity hire.

Diversity outreach is a key focus of many our Global Focus clients. Sourcing and reaching this target audience can prove challenging. Using our student profile questionnaire, recruiters can now search on both diversity and academic clubs. And our partnerships with diversity organizations like Forte Foundation and MLT make it easy to search for candidates registered directly through those institutions.

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Did you know?

Only 2% of companies believe their current diversity recruitment efforts are effective. 20% of companies think their diversity recruiting is ineffective.

Source: "Crack the Code of the Diverse Leadership Pipeline" webinar
presented by HCI, featuring MLT